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Different Ways to Interpret a Businesses Loss Ratio

For Small Businesses throughout the United States, the loss ratio is one of the single most influential aspects of the business that is controllable in relation to commercial insurance.  The loss ratio is a quick and easy way for an insurance … Continue reading

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How is Workers Compensation Insurance Premium Calculated

Workers Compensation Insurance Premium Regardless of whether your business has a staff in the hundreds with revenue in the tens of millions of dollars, or your business has three employees; one of the most basic costs of doing business is insuring … Continue reading

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3 Ways States Administer a Provider of Last Resort

A strong workers’ compensation provider of last resort is the strongest indicators of a healthy workers comp system within a state.  States that have a strong provider of last resort are nearly across the board the states with the lowest … Continue reading

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What is the Assigned Risk Provider?

Also referred to as the State Fund or the Pool, the Assigned Risk Provider offers workers comp coverage for high risk industries and businesses who cannot find coverage on the open market. In most states, Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage is … Continue reading

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