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Accounting Firms

Accountants, CPA’s, Bookkeepers, Auditing, Tax Preparing Services, and Payroll Services  Businesses in the accounting industry have very unique risks that only businesses in this industry face. These businesses face enormous risk when it comes to dealing with people and businesses sensitive financial … Continue reading

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Missouri Experiencing Continued Declining Workers Comp Rates in 2019

2019 Marks the 5th consecutive year of declining workers compensation rates in the state of Missouri This past December, the Missouri Department of Insurance recommended a 3.5 percent decrease for workers compensation insurance loss costs in 2019. This is a … Continue reading

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NCCI Class Code 9014

Janitorial Services Companies fall in Class Code 9014 for purposes of Workers Compensation Insurance.  NCCI Class Code 9014 has many different types of operations that are included within the code. The predominant business for this class code is commercial janitorial … Continue reading

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Содержание Casino X отзывы и проверка! Платят или нет? Datum Finance Limited Как зарабатывать на играх – какие отзывы? Платят или нет? Не прибегая к пополнению, процессы будут происходить примерно так, во всех играх всегда существуют бонусы для получения … Continue reading

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5 Businesses Who Might Benefit From a Ghost Insurance Policy

A Ghost Policy Can Satisfy Insurance Requirements for a One-Person Business at a Substantial Savings Workers Compensation Insurance is required by law for most businesses in most states. When a business operates as a sole proprietor, one-person LLC, a partnership, or … Continue reading

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Workers Compensation Rates in New York for 2019

Rates for workers compensation insurance have historically been high. According to the 2018 Oregon Workers’ Compensation Premium Rate Ranking Summary, rates for in the state of New York are the most expensive in the country. These rates average 188 percent more than the national average. … Continue reading

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