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Missouri Workers Compensation News and Information

MIssouri Workers Compensation Rates Likely to Rise in 2014

Missouri business owners can expect to see an increase in their MO workers compensation rates in 2014. The rates will likely increase by 11.6% in “loss costs” for anticipated 2014 claims. The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) filed the … Continue reading

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Missouri Workers Compensation in 2014

As we begin the new year, many business owners have something else on their mind. With health care changes coming into effect on 01/01/2014 that’s not all that will be changing. In Missouri, workers compensation is going to see some … Continue reading

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2014 Workers Compensation Market Outlook

It was predicted that 2013 would be a challenging year in the workers compensation marketplace and that certainly proved to be the case.  In 2014, I would expect the challenging conditions highlighted by the current trend of a tightening work … Continue reading

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Drugs Policies and Safety Programs relating to the Workplace

We don’t need another Lindsey Lohan story on Star Magazine to point out the ill effects drugs can have on our lives, but when it comes to the workplace; slowed response times, blurry vision, impeded depth perception to name a … Continue reading

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How Missouri Workers Compensation Changes will Affect Employers in 2014

With January 1 right around the corner, many business owners are anticipating the impending changes for workers compensation rates, rules, and regulations in MO. Insurance is a major concern for business owners as it is a critical portion of their … Continue reading

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What Does it Mean to Include or Exclude an Owner or Officer from Workers Compensation Coverage?

Whether you are a 1 or 2 man shop or a 100+ employee company one important area to address is whether you, as the owner of the company or company officer, should include yourself in coverage on your workers compensation policy. … Continue reading

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Missouri Legislature Finally Stepping Up

It’s only taken a rallying cry of 8 years, tons of bad publicity, and an easily avoidable $28,000,000 debt – but the Missouri Senate has finally done something worthwhile regarding workers compensation. Last week, Senate Bill 1 passed by a … Continue reading

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MIssouri Legislatures Pass New Workers Compensation Bill

The Missouri House passed a bill last Thursday which approves legislation barring employees from suing co-workers for job-related injuries.  Civil suit will not longer be an option aganist co-workers when employers have workers compensation coverage. Co-employee liability bill is HB1540 … Continue reading

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